Obalit Behboo

software engineer and business developer

About Obalit Behboo

My mission is solving problems for persons who need my suggestions and solutions. I try to have the best answers for questions, so I try to learn new topics and improve my knowledge.

I help to entrepreneurs and managers who have old ways work in their business by create software which customized for their needs and help to decide the best decision by suggestions and alarms in software.

My opinion is businesses should have protection environment and have sustainability development strategy. I growth ideas in my mind and think to new ideas and solution because I enjoy to make a better life for society and humans.

I like personal development, reading, running and music for improve my skills and quiet the my mind.

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Years experiences
Softwares and systems
Start ups and companies launched

Desktop applications

Development applications for windows platform by C# and SQL Server database.

Web applications

Development applications for online systems by ASP.NET and SQL Server database.

Business development

Analysis, launch start up, brandig, customers clubs and Development businesses.